Monday, December 29, 2008


Even the name is daunting. Who would know just by sight that we actually say it "port-zel-chuh"? Out of love for my sweetheart and love for the little yummies themselves, I devote an afternoon or two each year to making these treats.

A neighbor of ours in Agassiz brought a bowlful over for us a few years ago, calling them "Olle bolle" which I can only imagine means "oil balls" in Dutch. Aptly named, you could wring the grease from them and fill a glass. (though the thought was very appreciated, since I know how long I spend at the fryer to make ours!

This recipe is fantastic. The trick is all in the oil temperature. I received a deep fryer for Christmas this year, so I tried it out at Mom H's with these beauties and set the dial at about 365 or so. When one side is nice and brown, you flip them over with a spoon until done.
I always eat them with a little bowl of sugar to dip as I go. My dh is a purist... down the hatch they go. So that they stay yummy after the first day, I pop the rest into a freezer ziploc and stow them in the freezer. A little microwave zap brings them to a yummy perfection.

Portzelky (New Years Cookies)
4 eggs

2 c. scalded milk 6-7 c. flour (approx)
1/2c. melted butter 2 Tbsp. yeast
1/2 c. warm water 2 tsp. baking powder
1 tsp. salt 2 c. raisins (approx)
1/2 c. sugar

Beat eggs in really big bowl while milk is scalding (in microwave) and butter is melting (also in microwave). Add sugar and salt to eggs. Slowly beat in butter, milk and water. Add 3 cups of flour, with baking powder and yeast on top. Beat this together and then continue adding flour until your dough is soft but a touch sticky. Cover bowl and place in warm oven to rise. (Tip: Mom always said to let the oven heat just long enough so you can keep your hand on the rack comfortably)

When dough has doubled, drop spoonfuls into hot oil until done.

Just try not to eat too many! I dare you.

The dough after it has risen

Frying the first side.

After the flip.

The finished product!


Lorrie said...

wowie, great job Chris! We just have always called them New Years, my new oma I have to say makes them the best I have ever had, I used to be able to have just 1 and be done, but the way she does them, I can eat 10, hmm, is this a good thing or bad?? I can't WAIT to see them now tomorrow!! LOL

Bev K said...

Ooooo - can I come over and get some for Dad?(and me!) I think I'll try making them tomorrow. Yours look terrific, Chris as does the new deep fryer!