Thursday, September 25, 2008

Ice Capp's by Me

1 great blender

1-1 1/2 trays ice cubes

Nescafe Ice Java syrup

Ice cream


Leftover coffee

Simply put, using the above ingredients in moderation will create the ultimate iced cappuccino. Seriously. It has been said that these trump those sold by the leading chain in Canada. It is true, that in the middle of summer it's hard to find the perfect slushy cappuccino, due to the constant use at these particular restaurants.... when you make these at home, you can adjust it to absolute perfection.

Amounts? Depends how many you want! For 2 people with big cups, I start with one full tray of ice cubes. Then I add the leftover coffee (the more, the merrier, if you get my drift) (prob. no more than a cup) Next, blend a bit to break up the big chunks. Add 2 tbsp. of syrup, some ice cream and milk. Then, as I said, adjust accordingly upon sampling.

This is truly a bliss-drink. It is not to be gulped in a desperate hurry, lest you forget the magic of this stress-reliever and heat-buster. It is satisfying and delicious.


Berry Girl said...

wooohooo! these are SUCH a treat - you made my day at least twice by making this for me this summer.

Berry Girl said...

oh - three times. at least.

Colleen said...

they are amazing!

Prairie Chick said...

yeah baby. you rock! thanks for spreading the love!

Prairie Chick said...

ooooh, and the best part? I get to put this one in my reader and I can actually *share* you!

Chris said...

thanks, ladies... these are my signature summer treat, it's true. I just forgot to get the comments sent to email, so I only found them now.